The Journey: A Christmas Meditation

The Journey: A Christmas Meditation
by Pastor Mark B. Tankersley

A growing desire, a longing,
To journey deeper into a walk with God.
A Fire; A Glow ... more than that. A burning,
To journey deeper into this walk with … God.

A discovery, a re-discovery, a yearning.
Not to just know about Him,
But to know … Him. Yeshua. Jesus.
No longer just walking, but a quicker pace now.

So much about God has been revealed;
Yet so much about Him is still mystery.
I love the revealed; and I am also enthralled by the mystery.
YES, there is still mystery! Something more to discover!

It draws me, leads me, beckons me
To a longing, a yearning for more.
I have picked up the pace these latter years.
The pace has quickened. I think I am running now …
To stay on this journey, to go deeper in,
To travel farther to know Him more, to love God more, to see what is next.

And then…

In the longing, looking, waiting, reaching,
I am struck … startled really!
I am not the only one on a journey,
He is. GOD is on a journey.
Can it be?

This journey of God to man. I can hardly speak.
Honestly, I cannot speak. I can only listen to this story, this gospel.
The journey of God to man to recover us, to find me,
To descend into the darkness, my darkness,
To bring something better than light,
Yes, to bring Himself, to me, to us.

The hidden mystery emerges, leaps off the gospel pages
Enlightening my mind, enflaming my heart,

The real journey is not me seeking God.
The startling reality is that the journey is …
I can hardly speak …
The startling reality is this:
The gospel is about God’s journey to us, to me.
He loves me. He came, for me.
Speechless … wonder, amazement, awe.

On the eve of this celebration,
I see anew that it is not primarily

About my journey to God.
It is ultimately about His journey to us, to me.

O come let us adore Him. Yeshua. Jesus.
And then with the Spirit’s help, let us follow Him,
Adoring Him daily, hourly, always.
Running, resting, running again.

I can hardly believe it! He came. Here. To me!
I am speechless, and I am running now, I am sure of it.
No longer just to Him, but with Him.
His journey to me is now our journey together.
Come follow me; Keep following me He said. And by His grace I did, and I am.

The journey is real. I can scarcely take it in. I can barely breathe.